how much for then ?

Stop talking about other ships on this tread is confusing me a lot. I’ve been already working 9 nights in a row and I’m confused as sh**, don’t need you to do it even more :joy::joy::joy:

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Still for sale. Don’t be shy lads.

My bid remains rock solid and ready to go at 120bil (@ 70 months EVE Online Omega sub). Your anemic attempts to artificially price trick me are like:

When I will need 120 bils I probably would sell it. Atm I’m not in need of isk. The bid is start from 180 bils :wink:

Still for sale. Get yourself in a brilliant AT ship.

still for sale. do not miss a hot deal

Get yourself in a brilliant AT ship

What’s your current highest offer?

165 bils.

Still for sale. Get it now before another one pop and price go sky rocket

166b :slight_smile:

Still for sale. Thanks for the bid but is to low

Still for sale

Get your perfect ship today

First bid over 175 takes it home today

175 bil for this beautiful is nothing. Take it home today

PM sent

Answered your PM. Hopefully will be your in no time

171 bils offer. If nobody bids more when HD820 post the ship will go to him.