Hi, I am looking to sell myself. is my skill board.
Current body in Amarr Training Clone, have an Additional Training clone in Itamo VI, and an extra to be installed wherever.
Positive Wallet, 0.6 Sec Status, No Kill Rights, 2 Remaps available.
Sadly no unallocated skill points.
Starting bid 25 bil
B/O 31 bil.

Sold tyvm

18Bil right here and now

I appreciate the offer, but that’s less than even the extraction value. No thank you.

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19b offer

I could go as low as 22 bil.

well, then good luck to you. i’m out…

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I’m willing to offer 20B, considering the market is a hot mess right now. ISK ready

I appreciate the offer, but it is too low for me to be willing to give myself up, with the time and effort I have trained on my poor self.


20.5b offer

22 bil buy out if you can hold until friday! so 2 days from now.

bid retracted found something else sorry.

21b ready

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bid retracted,good luck

B/O 22b