[sold] WTA 82m SP - Perfect Caldari Titan

perfect caldari titan pilot with some extra skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lux_Bee_Gemot

Set your offers here


  • time for offers - one week, starts now. ends 14.07 at 12:00 Moscow time
  • no BO, unless i consider your offer very good
  • the highest price will be accepted, if the highest offer is canceled - i reserve right not to accept the 2nd after highest offer

35 bil

50b :raised_hand:

51b offer

52 bil

Bump me my friend, bump me agane!


OK! I accept Lian lei’s offer - pls contact me via Discord (Rossomahaar#1024) to execute deal

confirming isk and account info sent to @Lux_Bee_Gemot

ISK and info received! Character transfer started.

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