SOLD WTS 133M SP Pilote Amar, and Triglavian, Dread Capital Super Paladin -> lvl5

Located at Jita 4-4 in NPC corp
Positive wallet
No death rights
2 reassignments

Focused on the “amar” branch, it flies capitals, super, dread, t2 almost all “amar” ships and with skills of 5.
He flies the entire “triglavian” branch up to the “leshak” everything at 5 except the “leshak” weapon at 4.

Initial offer 100 billion isk

Lates get this started. 80B offer

100 B

still available

105B offer

buying out: 110b


110b bo yes,

hahaha my bad!

110B offer

send isk and info :smiley:

ok,this ID?

after DT haha

yep no problem!

isk and info send


Character received, thank you