[SOLD] WTS 13M+ SP 2018 Character

Skills : Quantum Anomaly

No Kill RIghts
No J Clones
Location Jita
Empty Wallet
2 x remaps

B/O 10B

Any Info you need let me know

9 bil offer

10B and its yours

I would like to offer the 10B buyout price. i will need 8-10hr from now till i get home to start the process.

Done I’ll send isk and account name after Downtime if that ok

As you both replied at the same time and with the same offer. Give me your best and final offer, then I will start the process in 2 hours.

10.5 -final
i’ll need 3 hrs to pay
17.00 eve time

@Zimma_XadiaX I accept your offer of 10.5B , let me know when you have transferred the funds and sent me your details. I will then proceed with the transfer.

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Hello, the money has been trasfered to your char at 16.55 eve time, an ingame mail has been sent with the account name.

that was you being added as a contact :upside_down_face:
please refer to the mail for the info

@Zimma_XadiaX Transfer has been made, please wait 10 hours and confirm


i’ll confirm asap

Transfer completed.
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