Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet Balance and Sec Status
No Active Kill Rights
2 Remaps Available
Transfer will be paid for by me

Skillsheet here

Looking for a B/O of 25bil

ill start you off with 12b

Let’s skip some meaningless bids.
It’s a perfect char, except only have level1 Invulnerability Core Operation

I offer you 20b, itdefinitely worth more.

21B Bid


Thanks for the bids so far. Phantom Lord zaja holds the highest bid. Will let this run until 21:00 tomorrow night or until the buyout is met


Thanks LSA, going to close the bidding early at 21:00 tonight as I’m not going to be on tomorrow now

23,5 bil

if you gonna accept my offer send me ingame msg to finalize it …

I accept your bid of 23.5bil and have messaged you in-game. Transfer the isk, and send me your account name in-game , and I will start the transfer

i must retracket my 23.5 offer because of lack of funds…sorry.

LSA LXJY RSK, does your bid still stand? If so send me the isk and account name to transfer to. If not bidding will reopen

Bidding is reopened and will close at 21:00 tonight. I will be online also if you want to convo but all bids must be finalised on this thread. I will keep and continue to train if a suitable bid isn’t received.

23.5 Bid

As discussed in-game I accept the 23.5bil bid as b/o, send me the isk and account you want it transferred to

Isk and account info sent

Character transfer initiated. Thanks and fly safe o7

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