SOLD Wts 14 million skillpoint pilot

(Sparrow Joringer) #1
wallet 200 million

hisec npc corp

no kill rights

skills have been extracted still usable up to cruiser lvl 5 caldari
minmatar jump freighter available

clone Balginia II power grid EG-605
clone Eran VIII no implants
clone Hek II High grade Crystal 1-6 HAM am-705 all lvl 5 implants
clone Rens VI Mid grade snake 1-6 rest setup for missles
cybernetics level 5 in place

Start at 20 billion

(Tricky beaver Fortune'GUN) #2

6 Bil.

(Sparrow Joringer) #3

ok send isk and where to transfer to

(Red Intel) #4

I’ll offer 8b

(Sparrow Joringer) #5

ok send isk and info to send it to you

(Red Intel) #6

Isk and account details sent.

(Sparrow Joringer) #7

isk received and sent out to you