SOLD....WTS 152m skill character

Hello There

As I have a few characters I have decided to see what happens and have a crack at selling my lowest skill point Character as I currently don’t use Lucy Much and with his Training its a shame.
As I have never sold a character before I have read CCP terms and I believe I have covered what im supposed to below. Im sure Ill find out if ive made a mistake.

I have Created Lucy in EVEBoard to prove his Skill points and to show what Ive trained. P/w rome
Below on the bottom of this page is a guide only break down of the skills but here is the Eveboard link

A reasonable amount of his training is combat and defense orientated which you will see by what is trained he does quite well… But as I had a pos in the earlier days . There are limited mining skills . Science skills and Production skills.
There is no capital training.
Character name is Lucilious Maximinus Caldari

Current skill points 152,137,427

No unallocated skill points
He is in a NPC corp docked at a station in Muvolailen 0.7 system.
He has 5 jump clones . One jump clone is in 0.2 space LZ-6SU. The other four are in High sec.
One jump clone in Vorassi has standard Implants.
his Current clone implants are Improved
No kill rights. No bounty on him.
One neutral Remap available . Also a Bonus remap as well.
Zero wallet.

I have his Attributes currently set at
Perception 22 points
Memory 26 points
Willpower 22 points
Intelligence 32
Charisma 22

Total of 267 Skills Injected.
Skills at lvl 0 none
Skills at lvl 1 13
Skills at lvl 2 21
Skills at lvl 3 17
Skills at lvl 4 38
Skills at lvl 5 178

Below is a guide only i copied from my eve mon of the break down of skills vs skill points
Armor 10 0f 13 skills 4,137,002
Corporation Management 1 of 5 skills 1,415
Drones 19 of 26 skills 16,188,785
Electronic systems 12 of 15 skills 12,032,000
Engineering 13 of 15 skills 7,680,000
Fleet Support 6 of 15 skills 22,145
Gunnery 28 of 46 skills 15,817,079
Missiles 23 of 26 skills 18,817,079
Navigation 10 of 13 skills 7,936,000
Neural Enhancement 5 of 8 skiils 1,794,829
Planet Management 0 of 5 skills 0
Production 7 of 12 skills 2,128,557
Resource Processing 16 of 28 skills 4,067,610
Rigging 10 of 10 skills 7,424,000
Scanning 5 of 7 skills 4,608,000
Science 26 of 39 skills 6,982,526
Shields 11 of 13 skills 5,696,000
Social 6 of 9 skills 1,129,582
Spaceship command 41 of 75 skills 32,403,595
Structure Management 1 of 6 skills 4,243
Subsystems 3 of 20 skills 750
Targeting 8 of 8 skills 3,840,000
Trade 6 of 14 skills 15,809

I’m going to keep this up for a few days so make me a bid.

Obviously this character is worth Billions so no silly bids Please.


You may want to include a link to the characters eveboard hombre

Thank you there Space Homey

Just added

Starting Bid Made by email of 109 Bil

125 billion

Current Wining Bid

126 bil

Current winning Bid


129 bil

Current Highest bidder


Hello Invester Joe

Thank you for your Bid . I except your offer and will sell Lucuoius to you at your bid Price.

Hello Txiv
Al little while ago you placed a bid on this character of mine for 129bill

If your still interested in my Lucilious character please let me know

Thank you.

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