WTS Character 82,886,122 Skill Points

I am for sale
I have 82,886,122 Skill Points
I am located in Jita and have a sec stat of 2.6
I have zero KR and a positive wallet.
I have a full set of Mid-Grade Asklepian inplants.
I also come with a set of Mid-Grade Slave inplants and another set of Mid-grade Slave inplants


I have many level 5 skills and I do have some capital ship skills. Please look at Eveboard for my skills list.
All my clones are in hisc
Starting bid for me is 62 Billion ISK
I do not think I have any ship skins.
Please Eve mail me with any questions.
I will check the listing once per day and check mail once per day. Please keep that in mind when waiting for Reply.
Transfer will be done within 8 hours of ISK transfer depending on work.

starting bid offered 62 bill

Thank you, Bid meet and accepted. Please transfer ISK and send a eve mail with all account info needed. thank you very much for being on top of the game!

62 bill sent shortly (isk will be deposited by Mordro Oenomaus )

send character to account pottedplant


ISK received transfer has Started. Thank you very much.

Completed , done and dusted , thanks