WTS 96M skill points

Hi all, I am for sale.

Usual Eve rules, I will pay the transfer fee.

Positive wallet.

No kill rights.

In Jita 4-4

Here is my Eve Skillboard

96M skillpoints 12.6m of them are unlocated

Start at 50B

Kaesko 54b


I agree


Still for sale? I can offer 50b

54B Ready

I’d like to buy it for 54b, just waiting on your response regarding Aneae before I can garuntee the isk.

56b offer

I have offered to buy another character, but I would rather have this one. If you get back to me soon and beat this other fellow, I can pay you 57b. In any event, gl with your sale and its a nice character you have here.

Retracted. =(

ill do 58b

offer 60b

Still for sale? I can offer 62.5b

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