[SOLD] WTS 155m SP Subcap PvP focussed


  • Entirely subcap pvp focussed other than small amount of SP (~5mil) in Nidhoggur skills.

  • Can fly all subcap combat ships to high standard with exception of Triglavian Frig/BC (although has T2 guns for both).

  • Multiple PvP clones complete with 5% hardwirings;

  • HG Snakes
  • MG Snakes
  • Genolutions
  • HG Talismans
  • MG Slaves
  • MG Asklepians
  • All clones are located in high sec, also comes with a full +5 clone

  • 354k unallocated SP

  • Positive Wallet

  • No killrights

  • Positive sec status (+0.4)

  • Character is located in high sec (Jita)

  • Free bonus of having one of the only Malice losses on TQ

All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer fee

134 billion

Looking for slightly more but I’ll take it as a starting bid. Noted.


Bid noted.

Should be pointed out that I could currently make 139bil from just ripping the SP so you’ll probably need to go over 140bil to start.

I think a 160bil buyout is probably also reasonable.

Current Jita extract value, buying extractors and selling injectors at market prices, would be 132 billion. I’ll increase my bid to 137 billion.

Bump. Still looking at least 140bil to not just rip the SP

If I could I would be doing buy out because I would use the toon. :expressionless::neutral_face:

found a better deal gl


138 bil here

138.5 bil

139 bil


Current highest bid is 139bil

140 bil


Current high bid is 141bil.

Going to lower the buyout to 150bil, otherwise I’ll let the bidding run a bit longer.


Amazing character, free bump for you!

Confirming 140b

141 bil