[SOLD] WTS 62.5 Mil SP Subcap Combat Pilot


WTS Myself.

EveBoard - http://eveboard.com/pilot/Seamus_Z_Harper

EveSkillBoard - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Seamus_Z_Harper

62.3 SP + 256,000 Unallocated SP

1 Available Remap, Currently Mapped to Perception/Willpower

Located in 4-4 with 1 Bil+ +5 Training Pod, +1 Empty JC installed in Jita

5.0 Sec Status, No Killrights, Positive Wallet

Positive Killboard - https://zkillboard.com/character/92258129/

Corp History is just personal corps.

Skill Highlights - No wasted SP

  • 11.8 Mil SP in Gunnery, only missing Large Lasers and Large Autocannons in subcap guns
  • 6.9 Mil SP in Drones
  • 1.8 Mil in Scan Skills with Astrometrics 5
  • Amazing Support Skills
  • Proteus with near perfect skills
  • Vindicator with near perfect skills
  • Lvl 5 HAC, Recon, and CovOps
  • All T1 Subcaps at lvl 5 except for Caldari and Amarr BS

Transfer will be done through petition to CCP to use PLEX in vault.

Bids start at 65 Bil



55b offered

Thanks for the offer, but that’s too low considering how focused the SP is on the character. bump

I would be interested at 58 Billion ISK

Thanks for the offer but still lower than what I consider the character is worth. /bump


65 B/O PM Me Please

In game mail sent

Buyout accepted. Sent in game mail for account info. Will start transfer through CCP petition once isk and account info is received.

ISK and account info sent

Isk received. Transfer started.

I actually decided to do the transfer through paying on the website instead of through a petition. You should receive the character after the 10 hour wait period.

Please post and let me know when you get the character so I can close the topic. Thanks.

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