[SOLD] WTS 114m SP focused subcap PVP pilot with some capital skills


All T2+T3 PVP ships
All T2 subcap weapon systems
All T2 links/command bursts (no mindlinks)
Support skills all Vs and IVs (engineering, navigation, astrometrics, targeting, etc.)
Some capital skills: Moros, Nag, Rev, Thanatos, Archon, Apostle, Ninazu.

HG Snakes and MG Crystal pods.

In Jita, in NPC corp, security status around -1.4, with positive wallet and no kill rights.

Taking offers above 62b.

63b :slight_smile:

66b :slight_smile:

68b :slight_smile:

69b :grinning:


72 :slight_smile:

74 :slight_smile:

78B :grinning:

80b :grinning:

I’ll let it run a few more hours so every timezone gets a go, but if there’s no further offers I’ll sell to @G_DDDDDD for 80b.

It’s almost time. Please confirm my offer

Sure, sold to @G_DDDDDD :slight_smile:

Which account receives money

Please send ISK to Gabriel Dayn and an eve mail with the account name to transfer to.

Wait a minute. It’ll be finished in half an hour

All good, no rush.

Isk has been transferred to the target role。Please transfer the role to “tdsay” account

Please do not use isk and Plax. The transfer is too slow. Thank you

Start role transfer, please reply