[SOLD] WTS 172m SP pilot Cap Pilot/SubCap INDY Pilot

Wallet Balance 50m
No Kill Rights
Jump clones in Jita and Abudban
Set of High Grade Amulets (Jita)
Set of Mid Grade Asklepians (Abudban)
Set of improved (Abudban)
Character is in Abudban in NPC station

Almost maxed reprocessing
Maxed Rorq
Can fly
Dreads(maxed rev), Fauxes LVL 4 Mino/Apostle), Carriers, JFs( can sit in any Jump Freighter)
Max Rorq Pilot (Boosts/Compression)
INDY main for building caps/hard reaction skills and indy skills for FTLs
Invention Skills
Need Capital Ships 5 and a titan skillbook to sit in any titan

Noteable Standings.
Caladari State: 6.98
Amarr Empire: 7.86
Ammatar Mandate: 8.25
Khanid kingdonm: 6.64
Caldary Navy; 5.22

Remap: 1

Starting Bid 130b

Buyout 150b

130B offer

132B offer


If your still interested in this Character please reach out to me In-Game! and, or respond to this forum!

Yep, still interested. If you are OK with this offer I can send you isk and account information in about 4 hours.

Great! Send isk to this character as well as in game mail with instructions on where to send this Character to!

Offer accepted for 132b.

Eve mail and Isk sent

isk received
transfer initiated

Char transferred.

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