WTS 24.5M Moros / Minokawa / Chimera / Wyvern pilot

WTS myself.

Pilot is trained fully as a toon used for ice mining. Good money maker.
Max exhumer skills for ice mining and drone defence.

Also able to perfectly fly Moros with siege.
Minokawa with triage in training.
Chimera with ok skills.
SuperCap Wyvern, but heavy fighter is not train yet, but its available for training.


Unallocated SP 170,821

Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.94

Starting bid: 25b
Buyout: 30b

passowrd on ur eveskilltab

It has no password now. sorry for that. you can check it out now.

bump !

bump !

bump !

20 b b/o

im looking for a focused faux char so i must invest in some extractors/injector

If you are agreed i m ready to pay

Not ok. Waiting for starting bid 25b !

Bump !

20.5 B/O, pilot has Surgical Strike lv 1, and missing A LOT of support skills

Sorry, but no. Pilot has a lot of lv 5 skills and its a money maker and capital ship pilot. Waiting for a higher offer.

you cannot call it a dread pilot with surgical strike lv 1 or any gunnery support skills, that is a lot of SP to even make the pilot suitable to fly a dread. you have pretty much no supporting skills for gunnery

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I wont debate this with you any longer here. Looking for higher offers.

Well best of luck with the 30bn B/O, eve mail when you work out its way too high so we can work out a more suitable price

i will offer 20 bil

and you might want to add in ur add that is is also a practicly perfect logy pilot :wink:

Thank you for the offer. Still waiting for a better one tho.

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