WTS 24.5M Moros / Minokawa / Chimera / Wyvern pilot

bump !

I’ll offer 21b

Waiting for 25b starting bid.

It’s pretty dishonest of you to market this as a wyvrenn pilot with fighters 3, jdc 3 and even capacitor systems operation 3. It’s at least 3 months from a bad wyvrenn let alone a propper one. If you change your mind and the above person doesnt want it for 21 let me know.

Waiting for starting bid 25b.

bump !

bump !


21b b/o, isk ready

22 bil b/o,


i will offer 25 bill. lets go for a quick deal.

Cancelling my offer, seller not responding

Sorry for not responding. I was out of country for 2 weeks.

Char still for sale! Waiting for 25b start bid.

bump !


Waiting for starting bid ! 25b

it was sold?

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