WTS 25m sp Rorqual/Rhea Pilot(Only need skillbook)


Mining Drone Specc 5
Ice Minining Drone Specc 4
Capital Industrial 4
Only need to inject skillbook to fly JF

Perfect pilot to use for nullsec mining/jf hauling

Pilot is in a NPC corp
Comes with positive wallet
Has no killrights
Located in lowsec

Startbid: 28b
Buyout: 32b or best offer

28B buyout

Thanks for offer, but was hoping for little more.

Got some offers. 30b would take him today.

Hello 30B. We can start trading.

ok. i am at work now. home in about 1.5h.
send isk and account details and i transfer as soon as i get home.

Okay, we’ll continue when you get home.

ok, talk more in a bit!

Okay, I’ll play DOTA2 and wait for you.

Hello, are you home?

almost. on the bus, so within 15. convo me ingame and we can talk more there

Here now.

So let’s start trading now?

Isk received. You said you sent account info, but havent seen yet. Convoed ingame and sent evemail.

Transfered. Got my other toons name ingame, incase you need to convo me.

Hey, I saw it in transmission. Thank you for your patience. A good deal.

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