WTS Rorqual /orca / JF Pilot 47.9m SP Sold!

Pw: 1234

I would like to offer my old Rorqual/JF pilot here.
No Killl rights
Positive security status
Positive wallet
Is in NPC corp
Desti: Jita 4-4
Birthday 2014
bidding will start at 35B
B/O 45B
the character is transferred. I

You should be able to get the full details from the character sheet :slight_smile:


25b offer

45B b/o

Hello, unfortunately I was in the hospital
accept @ Kyro Crall

Sorry to hear that. Thank you for getting back. Will send isk and account details after work in about 6 hours.

Thank you ! :blush:
Perfect . In 6 hours I’ll be back in bed. But I’ll do it tomorrow after work. Initiate the transfer. If the information and the ISK are there :slight_smile:

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Isk and account details sent!

Transfer is started .

Character received. Thank you!