WTS Rorqual /orca / JF Pilot 30m SP

I would like to offer my old Rorqual/JF pilot here.
No Killl rights
Positive security status
Positive wallet
Is in NPC corp
bidding will start at 25B
B/O 30B

You should be able to get the full details from the character sheet

Bumpy Bumpy

Bumpy Bumpy

Bumpy Bumpy

27b Isk ready

I think the price of 28.5B May be concluded immediately

@Orz_beta Offer 28b

@Orz_beta B/O 28.5b ready now

ok accept the offer

I will send you the isk and account details in the next 7-8hours (currently at work)

no problem

ISK and account details sent by eve mail.
Please pay attention to the second mail

Role transition starts

Character received !

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