WTS 23m JF / DST , Corp creation , Trade, Rorq Pilot


Looking to sell this character.

In NPC Corp ( ESB not updated to reflect this yet)
Positive wallet
Positive Sec Status
Located in Jita
No kill rights

  • Max Corp Creation skills
  • Great Trading skills

Can fly:

  • JF / DST
  • Orca
  • Rorqual

Starting BId: 18b
B/O: 20b

All lowball offers will be ignored and considered free bumps

18 b offer now ready

offer noted. giving it some more time

Daily Bump.

Buyout added

20 bil if u can confirm before 1600 eve time today

Buyout accepted. I am at work for another 2 hours but if you send isk and a mail with account name I will get transfer started before downtime

Ok ,isk will be send within hours, i just need confirmation on the deal, thank you

Yes the deal is confirmed for 20b

Sorry for the delay, isk sent, please transfer according to the transaction note

Please check your in game mail.

Isk received and character transfer started. You should receive a confirmation email shortly

Can you confirm you got the character

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