SOLD - WTS 44.5M SP Monster Wyvern/Chimera Pilot

(Wando BigDog) #1

Selling Myself:


Caldari Carrier 5
Fighter Bomber 5
T2 Repair Drones
T2 Triage (finishes in 4 days)
Jump Cal 5
Evasive Man 5
Cap ships 4
Capital Remote Energy 4
Capital Remote Shield 4

Also has:
Cap ship const 1
10 production slots and skills to use remote building
Can fly Rorqual

Remap available NOW
Plus 2 bonus remaps

Currently +5’s (except charisma) and great Wyvern implants (see sheet)
One with +4’s

As per rules - pos wallet, pos sec status, in jita currently, no kill rights

Make me an offer.

(did ruhan) #2

If you have a small one i’m ok because i’ve just 15B budget…

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

33 bil

(Amelia Sturges) #4

B/O confirmed in game.

(Wando BigDog) #5

Confirmed - xfer isk and evemail account name

(Amelia Sturges) #6

sent, ty

(system) #7

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