[SOLD] WTS 18.9MSP Incursions Pilot

Meet my Incursions Vindicator Pilot - Bo-Ra Den

A Shiney Blingy Vindicator gets this toon 2600DPS with WTM Fittings

  • Positive Balance
  • No Killrights
  • No Jump Clones
  • In Highsec
  • Positive Sec Status 5.0
  • No Skins of any particular note
  • 2 Bonus Remaps

Current Implants - Worth approx 5bil with current jita prices

Transfer will be by PLEX

Why don’t you start me off with 15bil?

Still for sale, Buy me!

free bump for you. I bet people may be wondering what you’re attempting to get out of toon, cause I am.

Prices fluctuate so more a case of see what the offers are, so long as its a reasonable offer.

I assume that’s what you’re asking.

Still for sale!

did you know that I am also an amazing cook? So between murdering Sansha Incursions I make amazing Souffle!

Still Here :’(

I’d pay 13b for this character

And up again


15b b/o but i need to clear a slot in my account

16b offer

Thanks for the offers so far, lets see if we can get that a bit higher.

Up up and away


Will sell in 24 hours to anyone over 18bn.

looking for 18bn BO

and up it goes

and again

Still looking for 18bn

willing to do 18 billion bo. isk ready just need offer accepted