SOLD WTS 184mil sp combat toon

What TZ are you in?


They need to send you an evemail with the account name. You then sign in to and initiate transfer affer they send you isk and you pay $20

162b offer

Send the ISK and eve mail me the account name and he is yours

give me 24h to liquidate some asset.

are you willing to bid higher than Jokker?

All his.


Send the ISK and the toon is yours

If you want it for 161 just let me know

Did you want to buy this toon?


sorry i have litige with a toon. Paid it and didnt transfered i didnt buy any other toon i wait resolution litige




Bump!! … Well skilled toon …


sure … whats your offer?

I accept the bid. What TZ are you in?