215 (nearly) mil sp toon for sale. 2008 born

Born on 2008. Been in just a few Corps.

Char is in high sec

Pos ISK balance

no kill rights

Crystal pod / training pod.

Reserve : 165 bil.

Buyout : 185 bil.

For sale

150b offer

c/o. still here :slight_smile:

165B offer

Once res is met 12 hours to sale.

check my current offer

res met — 12 hours from now (maybe a little more because I work for a living) the offer will be accepted and finalized :).

let me know when we can start

price accepted, should be home by 4pm PST, going to work now :). Its yours though.

should we start now?

I am home, ready to receive isk.

ISK sent but cannot send in game mail for some reason, check the 2nd 1 isk transfer message for target account to tranfer

Transfer has been completed based on information given in isk transaction, thanks!

char received.

Njoy :). o7 (CLOSED)