WTS 226 M Sp Perfect Char

Positive balance
Currently Located in Jita
All ccp rules apply.

Starting at 150b

150 B offer

ok ok send isk and info

Alright, sending ISK and info

ISK and account info sent

For you next sale please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

Hello, it’s going to be 2 days in a few hours.

I see a few other high SP toons that have yet to be sent their bidders. Are you all the same person?

Are you from Russia and using CCP support ticket to send these characters? If not, it’s taking too long for the characters to be sent.

Let me know the status of the character transfer.


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yep, indeed,exactly my thoughts, I openend a CCP ticket. #2173655

The other high sp char was sold too cheap. make no sense at all.


its a scammer same for all 3 threads, same corp history, same low bid accept, same ghost after getting free loans, report as much as you can hopefully ccp bans them or something so they cant be used to scam


Hello, it’s been more than two days with no replies and the others buyers in similar posts also haven’t gotten a reply, so I guess I’m not getting it anymore.

Made a support ticket : Request #2173902

@ISD_Traindriver Please communicate with the support to fix this faster as the amount that was taken/scammed from us three is well over 640 Billion ISK

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These sales are supposed to be monitored and checked by CCP.

If they aren’t dealing with them then the sales in the bazaar should all be stopped until everyone knows what’s going on.

Closed for further investigations.