WTS 68mil SP DoB 2007 toon


    • NPC corp
    • No Kill rights
    • Located in high sec
    • wallet is positive
    • All CCP rules apply
    • positive sec status
      Starting Bid is 46 bil


40b offer

42b bid

ok send isk

so? you send isk and info?

yeah, just getting home, gimme 5 mins to log on

isk transferred, account details sent via ingame mail

Any news on when transfer is going to be started? isk already sent yesterday along with details of where to send character

relax It’s not my fault

thats fine i am relaxed :slight_smile: just wondering is all. i think you can submit a support ticket to ccp and pay for transfer via plex if you still want to sell the character, either that or cancel the sale and return the isk. i await to hear what you decide

Seller not contactable in game, nor advising how/if he is proceeding with sale, support ticket submitted

Request #2200355

I want to sell, I’m waiting for a response from support
I don’t play, that’s why I sold the pilot

Seems as though the seller is russian, so ccp will have to manually transfer the character

Still not received the character, can the seller please confirm what is happening or return the isk please if the transfer is not going to happen?

If you dont hear in the next 12 hrs i would suggest contacting support

Ill tag @ISD_Traindriver so they will be aware

Unfortunately, the processing time for tickets can still take more than a week - please be patient until a GM has been able to look at the ticket.

I understand the need for patience, support says they cant advise on sellers ticket, its up to teh seller to advise me how the ticket is progressing if at all, yet seller hasnt posted anything since 5 days ago. i currently neither have my isk nor the character i was trying to purchase

Since you’ve been waiting so long, it’s best to create a ticket yourself so that you can get your isk back.

Give the Game Masters as much information as possible.

CCP investigates such incidents very diligently to ensure that no one is scammed in the character bazaar - since in such cases account bans for the seller can unfortunately take a long time.