2005 54m SP Toon

An old Character from 2005


Combat Pilot - Dread Pilot

Killboard on toon link

CCP Rules Apply
Will be in Empire for sale
Positive Wallet

Whilst waiting for post to be unlocked contact me ingame for bids or buyouts or questions

Starting Bid 20b
No stupid offers

skill link not working

should be now

Still can’t open

27 billions buyout offer

28 bill

Please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

[Edit - Drew] Thread Re-Opened.


31 bill

In game mail sent with buyout offer.


33 bill

34b buyout agreed upon in game. ISK Sent.

buyout agreed and accepted

Still awaiting confirmation that the character transfer process has been initiated. Please confirm.

I have not received the character still. 48 hours after agreeing upon the price and sending the ISK. Please confirm the character transfer process has been initiated. @ISD_Traindriver do you have advice? I’ve mailed this character in game also with no response.

Thank you,

If you have issues with a Sale in this Forum, a Support Ticket should be filed.

Thank you,

I have submitted a support ticket.