OFFER CLOSED/SOLD - WTS 184M SP almost everything for sub caps V, Marauders V, Black Ops V, Cal Dread V, Min Dread IV both t2 weapons, heavy fighters

Selling mentioned toon “J A Makanen”

184M SP
Has implants for vargur, paladin and training pod.
443 Ship SKINS
Positive wallet
4.9 sec status
No kill rights
In NPC corp if the link isn’t updated yet
Located in Jita

Starting Bid 170B
Buy-out: 200Bil

Character looks great! I’d love to put my hat in the ring with One (1) Cataclysmic Electrical Filament.

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160 bil

170b as your preset starting bid

175 bil

177 bil

Cant trade items for characters lol

178 bil offer

184 bil


185 bil

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186 bil

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187 bil!

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congratulations,you win!

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gf to both of you! @Levon_Bedros currently highest bider! If there won’t be any new bids today we can do the trade tomorrow morning!

Perhaps I can become the highest bidder,188bil

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189 bil :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how much my fund pool is. If I issue 190 bil, will you continue?

I mean I kind of need another PVP Alt. so maybe

I’ll be closing this at midnight EVE time when I come home :slight_smile: I’ll message the highest bidder at that time and if you’ll have time to send what we need for trade I can do the transfer at that time or in the morning since I’m away for the weekend.

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I came back early so I’ll be wrapping this up in about an hour.