WTS PVE pilot 42m sp


  • Located in Jita 4-4
  • Zero isk balance
  • I will pay transfer
  • Positive sec status
  • In NPC Corp
    Start 36 b
    B/O 40

28 Bill offer


why are your bids so low?
I see with less sp skills the bids are higher.
why are you underbidding my pilots?

My 28 B offer is 500 Million less than extraction value for your toon.

Every bid I make for toons below 50 m SP are like this. Above it, I place my bids for more profits than 500 mill or 1 B.

The higher bids you see are usually from those who want to play with that toon and not extract it or half extract it, leaving only the skills they need.

30 B given by the other person is already a high offer for your toon and those who make 1 m sp = 1 B don’t bother to calculate because they don’t know how or calculate wrongly / value the toon and want to badly play with it / want you to be extra happy over nurturing such a toon for so long because they don’t care about profit and make their ISK with PvE or PvP instead of market trading like me and the others who mostly buy toons here.

Hope this makes you understand.

Personal skill desireability & other bids (current market value). Id sooner wait for more desirable toon at your preferred starting bid than pay for skills I dont need. If someone outbids me, maybe I’ll outbid them, maybe I wont.

Can do 30 B for this toon as well. Ready to send ISK right now.

31b offer in game now for transfer

send isk and info

this is my alt, don’t be scared, I’m waiting for you.

isk and account info sent

transfer start thanks