[SOLD]WTS 18m sp exhumer/orca pilot (on path to rorq) 1.6m unallocated

now start

why not starting

Did you send in an evemail the account its going to?

Also an fyi, after they start the transfer process it will take another 10 hrs before you actually get the character

yes but they haven’t started only i sent email as well

If in the next few hours they dont reply, petition a GM

what is gm

Transfer has been started i was sleeping

If you have any issues feel free to reach out to me here

i haven’t got the acc yet

Again it takes 10 hrs from start of transfer

6hrs lefttt

You should concider submitting a Ticket to customer service if you feel like you are beeing scammed.

will wait for 2 more hrs

got the account can close this post

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