Sold WTS 19.3 M Rattlesnake .Barhest

The wallet is positive, there are no licenses to kill . a clone of High-grad Crystal . character and clone in Jita Quantum Anomaly 15 B

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up !!!


10 Bill offer.


11b offer

still for sale ?

for sale Only a clone is worth 2B sell for 14 B

13b offer ok?

I agree, send a letter and IS agree, send a letter and IS, but the character translation will be carried out manually by the support service I am from Russia and it may take from a few hours to a couple of days, do you agree?

14b offer?


excuse we have already made a deal

u first

yes, send a letter in which you can find out which akuant to translate the character and 13B

the transaction is conducted with кимоджия

I have already emailed you isk and account

I have already emailed you isk and account.

I received the letter and started to translate it

A bad translator, don’t worry, it’s all right, I’ve already started