(SOLD) WTS 2 Characters 4.8 & 25.2 M SP

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alleria_Moonrunner (SOLD)

4.8 mil SP
Mainly Purifier Bomber, cloaky camper pilot.

3 bil starting

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sylvanas_moonrunner (SOLD)

25.2 mil SP
Loki Pilot and general PVP/PVE

23 bil starting

Both pilots in HS, positive isk,
no killrights, positive security

Both characters sold now,

Confirming I am for sale

24b for Sylvanas

24.5B For Sylvanas

Thx for the offers, will let it run 24 hrs and end it at highest bidder.

25 bil


26 bil

yours sir

Will accept Crome’s high bid of 26 bil,
Please send acct info and Isk to Sylvanas

isk and account name send

Transfer is underway on Sylvanas

Thank you

3.5bill for alleria

“3.5bill for alleria”

Sorry, I was out of town all weekend and no access to game. If you still want Alleria let me know,

Bumping for offers plz

If the other person doesnt want it I’ll give you 3.5 right now

Haven’t heard from other guy so your offer accepted.
Plz send isk and acct info to Alleria and I’ll start transfer,

isk and account info sent

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Got it, doing transfer now,