(SOLD)WTS 20.6m SP Incursion pilot Nightmare

(Ellune Moonring) #1

No killrights
Located in Jita
2 Bonus Remap Available
Concord LP : 12 000
Positive Wallet
Ships ready
cybernetic 5
T2 Guns

All CCP Rules Apply

Start bin 13 B
B/O 17 B

(Perpetualed) #2

14 billion

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #3

15 bil

(EOH Lummox) #4

17b B/O

(Buddy Freep3) #5

17.5b B/O

(Ellune Moonring) #6

@Buddy_Freep3 I accept your offer
send isk and in game mail with the name acc where the character is to be transferred

(Buddy Freep3) #7

Isk and account name sent.

(Ellune Moonring) #8

charr is transfer thx

(Buddy Freep3) #9

Received email, many thanks.

(system) #10

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