SOLD WTS 24.5M From 2008, Perfect missile and Drone boat t3/ Gila with full mid-grade crystal set

Hello, Selling this character, used for Abyss runner t5 and pvp. perfect Missile boat, Gila and T3

Start - 17 b.
B/o - make me an offer.

Mid-grade Crystal Set

  1. Wallet balance.
  2. Kill rights
  3. Character location.
    2 free remap

18b, ty.

18.5 B offer. ISK ready

20b b/o should be fair.
Deal ?

Hello. I let the post until the day. After it’s yours

Hey bro, time is up.
Shell i send the isk ?

need a response please

i refuse my offer, gl

19b offer

22b offer

SORRY i was abroad… (and totally forgot this post… appologies).

22 since fair ! you can send Maquis the isk with all the information and will be yours

my offer still stands if you dont get a response from maquis

Daily Bump

20B will be ok for me

if you push a little bit to 21, i close the deal ?

I can do 21, but i’m without eve acces for ~24h. if there is noone else until then…

deal! go ahead

Hello guys, both of you want to buy it to 21b apparently. first guy to answer will win the character

but he said he will be without eve for 24H

I am holding my cash now