(SOLD)WTS 2x rorq pilots 20M SP, 18M SP

positive wallets
no kill rights
both are located in High Sec
Some JDC skill but they are injected Needs a little work
t2 Indy core on both
ice and mining specs to 4


CCP Rules apply Post offers below

I confirm I am for sale

How much do you need ISK to sell?

Blade Phantoms

17b buy Darrell Altol ,you can touch me in game,and i will check this sell note,ty。

call me

ill keep this up for another 3 to4 hours and see if theres anymore interest. if not current bids will take them. Thanks guys!

Did some retooling with Darrell Altol’s Skill, now has basic JDC Skills and so does Blade Phantoms still need some work but not as far as before. As of now the sales will be on going

i found out that Darrell Altol only have lv4 ship skill,so i change my offer,i want buy Darrell Altol for 16b isk,ty。

15.5b Blade Phantoms.

Because I want to go far, so I want to conclude a deal as soon as possible. How do you like it?

tried to contact you ingame?

if you come up to 16.5 for Blade he’s yours

16.5b for Blade ok?

Blade Phantoms being sold to ICEWILL for 16.5B

Darrell Altol is still for Sale

Isk and account for Blade Phantoms has been received, Character transfer has been started.

isk and account info received, character transfer started.

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