(SOLD) WTS 31 M SP Phoenix/Golem/Tengu

Positive Wallet Balance
Positive Sec Status
No bounties/Kill Rights
NPC Corp
No jump clones

1M Unallocated SP

25 Bil Start/32 Bil BO

I will close the auction in 168 hours unless the goal has been hit.

25b offer

30 bil

P.S However, first you have to exit your corp otherwise they will block the post

I have already exit my corp, just need some time to update ESI.

ok sorry for for observation

32 bil B/0

33 bil

34 bil final offer

34 bil final offer

If you still want this character, you can send me the info and isk

who are you referring to? to your friend/alt or me?

sussic offer first

sorry for that

ok let me know if you sell it or not

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Will send details and isk today, got rl atm.

Isk and details sent

Character transfer started, hope you enjoy this character. o7

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