Kaara Toralen Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

SP: 32 700 000
Location: Jita 4-4
Sec Status: -0.1
Wallet: 52M
Implants : None
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clone: None
Omega time end : 2023.04.23

-Tengu pilot lvl4
-Cyno lvl 5
-Covert Ops lvl 4
-Interceptor lvl 4
-Interdictor lvl 4
-Cruise Caldari/Galente/Minmatar lvl 5
-Recon Ship lvl 5


Bidding starts at 18b
B/O: 25b

I’ll buy for 20B!

i’ll take this one for 25 bill buy out :slight_smile:

Ok for 25B @Par0dy , i accept

isk and account details sent

Isk and Mail with instruction received.

i’ll make the transfert know.

Account transfert and CCP fee done .

@Par0dy Thanks very much ,

Fly Safe o/

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