[SOLD] 28.5M Focused Marauder Pilot w/ High Grades + Excellent Standings

Character Sheet: Tarak Moloc
Skillpoints: 28,505,662
Security Status: 5.0
Corporation: NPC
Wallet Balance: Positive
Location: Jita 4-4
Skins: 108

Key Features:

  • Marauder V
  • Magic 14 - 100%
  • Excellent Caldari Standings
  • L4 Mission Agent, 2 Jumps from Jita
  • Perfect PVE Cruise Golem Pilot (including Auto-Targeting Cruise Missiles for PVE)
  • Positive Triglavian and Edencom Standings

High Security Clones: (~4.7B)

  • Jita 4-4: High Grade Nirvana + Hardwire Implants SM-705, EM-805, SP-905, RL-1005 (4.5b)
  • Jita 4-4: +4 Implant Clone + Hardwire Implants EG-603, EU-702, EM-802 (140m)
  • Para: +4 Implant Clone (100m)

Notable Skins: (~2.5B)

  • Golem Galnet (975m)
  • Rattlesnake King’s Ransom (500m)
  • Rattlesnake Vampire Hex (400m)
  • Gila Vampire Hex (440m)
  • Gila Aurora Universalis (240m)
  • Tengu Nightfire (240m)

No Kill Rights. Values current as of posting.

Offers welcome.

Start you off at 22.5b

Whats b/o? I would like to purchase now.

I would accept 33B buy out today. Evemail me in game if you accept.

33b b/o, i will send isk when i get home from work.

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isk sent from alt


Funds confirmed. Account specified giving error “Target user has too many characters.” Please send new account in game. Thanks.

Account transfer has begun. Fly safe! o7

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