[For Sale] 26m Focused Marauder / Rattlesnake Pilot

Character Sheet: Apollo Kharn
Skillpoints: 26,277,448
Security Status: 3.90
Corporation: NPC
Wallet Balance: Positive
Location: Jita 4-4
Skins: 69

Key Features:

  • Marauder V
  • Magic 14 - 100%
  • L4 Mission Agent, 2 Jumps from Jita
  • Perfect PVE Cruise Golem Pilot (including Auto-Targeting Cruise Missiles for PVE)
  • Positive Triglavian and Edencom Standings

High Security Clones: (~140m)

  • Jita 4-4: +4 Implant Clone (100m)
  • Para: +3 Implant Clone (40m)

Notable Skins: (~1.8B)

  • Golem Galnet (975m)
  • Rattlesnake Vampire Hex (400m)
  • Gila Vampire Hex (440m)

No Kill Rights. Values current as of posting.

Offers welcome.

Whats b/o?

I will accept a buy out of 27.5B today. Eve mail me in game if you accept.

27b b/o, i will buy this toon as well. Will send isk to this toon an well when i het home from work.

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Awaiting funds and account name.

I cannot make purchase at this time, I will be backing out.

No worries, thanks for the update. I’ll send the other character tomorrow.

Daily bump. Random character fact:

  • Corporation Standing: Spacelane Patrol 8.1 (Level 4 Missions / 2 Jumps From Jita)



Daily bump. Random character fact:

  • Positive standings to Triglavian and Edencom (useful for transiting through Pochven)

PS. If your offer is urgent, send an Eve Mail as we don’t check the forums frequently.

27b offer

Offer accepted. ISK received. Transfer starting now. Thank you and fly safe. o7

Thank you mate fly safe. o7