(SOLD) WTS 33mil SP char with positive Wallet and lots of valuable implants

Positive Wallet
Character location - Jita 4-4
Sec status: -1.4


1 full set Mid-grade Crystal
1 full set High-grade Crystal
1 full set Mid-grade Asklepian
1 full set low-grade Snake
1 full set High-grade Snake


Skills are private, can’t view

Should be public now.

Still says not our char to view :confused:

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I’ll start at 20

B.O 29B

25B B/O

if you are willing to go up to 27 ill do it.

25.5 bil

27bil, and we can make this deal,vaild for 24h

Sold! Wire the isk, and send info for transfer.

isk sent ,info pm in game

Character transfer uder way.