(SOLD) WTS: 36M Gallente Incursion / Mission runner with Freighter and Transport Skills

Located in Jita 4-4
Positive sec status and wallet / no kill rights / in NPC Corp.
Magic 14 skills at level 5 = 13 one at 4 (capacitor management)
9.2 M SP in Gunnery
6.9 m SP in Drones
Able to fly freighters and other transport ships.

Set of +3 Implants and remaps available.

Check out the character’s full skill list and standings here!

Bids starting from 23b

i’ll start you off with 23b :slight_smile:

25B B/O

27b :slight_smile:

28 Billions

29 :slight_smile:

Hey Par0dy thanks for your offer. I’m willing to sell this character for 29b isk. Please contact me to start procedures.

cool, should be able to log in just after downtime to send the isk and account details :slight_smile:

isk sent, mail sent with name :slight_smile: ty ty

Character Transfer has been started, enjoy playing Jiang Chent-Shi

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