[SOLD] WTS 37m Nyx Pilot


Password: 123

Selling this focused Nyx pilot.
Wallet positive, in Jita, NPC corp. No kill rights.

Has a clone with a full set of high grade amulet + other piloting implants for Nyx, also located in Jita.

Make offers below, instant buyout is 30b.

Tugoe 19B

really pity,I would definitely make the deal if it’s M carrier .

Bump! Still available.

To the top!

21B maybe

22B 24H offer

23,as far as I can,but need time to sell cargo

If no bids higher than 23b in the next 24hours, i will accept this.



24b and I accept now, to whoever decides this.

i’ll take it for 24. i will pm you in game.

24.5BO. need 1 day to sell plex

Got in game offer of 24.6… Waiting for him to post here too to verify.

edit: At this point I’m only entertaining offers that are (previous offer + 500m) minimum, to stop people from constantly just adding 100m to beat the person before them. I feel it’s a little cheap to do this, like when people add 1 penny on an auction or something. So please just go (1b) or (1.5b) and no other denominations from now on, thanks.
To clarify, this means to beat the bid of 24.6 you would need 25b, and to beat that bid it would be 25.5b. I feel this is more fair to people bidding, to prevent silly bidding wars going up 100m at a time.

If this offer is still valid, I will accept it. Previous buyer is not responding.

isk ready,should I transfer to Tugoe

I’m going to sleep for the night. You can transfer now and send a mail with account info to Tugoe. I will initiate transfer when I wake up.

isk sent as well as account info,pls initiate transfer

Transfer initiated. Thanks for your business, thread locked now.