[SOLD] WTS 4.5m Skillpoints


I want to sell this Character: Jinessa Acami

  • Wallet Balance
    positive; 0 ISK at Time of Transfer
  • Kill rights
  • Jump clones
  • Character location
    Jita (HS)

Looking for 2.25B

Best Regards,

Still for Sale

Still for Sale

Still for Sale


1.7 bil, isk gtg

Still for Sale

Still for Sale

1.75 Bil. Isk gtg when I get home.

Still for Sale

i offer 2b

I guess I am fine with that. Please send ISK and Account Details :slight_smile:

LE: I am heading towards Bed now and would be able to start the Transfer tomorrow after Work (around 17.00 EVE Time).

Back up for Sale. No Response from potential Buyer.

srry man is it still for sale?

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Still for Sale

1.8b offered, isk ready to go if accepted.

2.25b ready, let me know if accepted.

Accepted. Please send ISK and Account Details. I would be back Home in about one Hour to start the Transfer.

sent isk and acc info