*SOLD* WTS 49m SP - NYX Supercap - CAP Ships/Carrier/JDC/JFC V - LVL5 mission capable

(Tremolo Taak) #1

NYX Supercarrier char (missing light fighters and support fighters though)
Minmatar and Gallente LVL5 mission runner

  • Sec status -0.4 (can travel anywhere)
    No assets
    Located in high security (Jita)
    Positive wallet
    Created in 2007
    2 x remaps
  • Can use all Gallente and Minmatar agents, including LVL5’s

I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting bid =37b
Buyout = 39b

(Tremolo Taak) #2

Startbid lowered to 50b.

(Tremolo Taak) #3

I’ll let this auction run for a few days, to check interest. If no bids, it’ll be re-purposed or extracted.

(Tremolo Taak) #4

Buy me :slight_smile:

(Tremolo Taak) #5

Character has been extracted a bit. Now on 49m SP. Still perfect NYX skills.

Price lowered to reflect.

Make me an offer.

(Tremolo Taak) #6

Lowered start bid. Open for offers above extractor price.

(Maizie Fields) #7

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but extract value is currently about 30 billion. I would be willing to offer 31 bil.

(StepSister) #8

Nyx pilot without light\support fighters but with all drones lvl 5? sounds terrible…

(Tremolo Taak) #9

Thanks, I totally missed those and focused on the Heavy Fighters V :frowning: Thanks for pointing it out.

Extract value is 31b as of right now. then there’'s a 5.5m SP char left. I would value that at 4.5b. Then theres the 3.3b for the transfer of the character.

31b + 4.5b + 3.3b = 38.8b is what this char is worth in raw ISK. I would part with it for 39 bill right now.

(Maizie Fields) #10

Actually, I was being generous. Minimal-labor extract value in Jita right now is 29.5 billion. Our gap is in each of us wanting to come away whole. Hopefully, that all becomes moot as a result of you finding a motivated buyer :wink:

(Tremolo Taak) #11

Extracting this would be a shame, since it needs so little work to be the “perfect nyx” char.

(Tremolo Taak) #12

Edited topic to reflect the missing skills.

Buy out 39b

(Kai Oksaras) #13

39b b/o oak rdy

(Tremolo Taak) #14

Deal, send ISK and char name pls and I’ll start the transfer.

(Tremolo Taak) #15

Stil up for grabs.

(Sabrina S) #16

38b isk is ready

(Tremolo Taak) #17

Deal, send ISK and account name pls.


(Sabrina S) #18

Hi bro. im so sorry about the trading.i didn’t see the SP with light/support drones.im looking for a fighting character.sorry dude .love u

(Zorin Firestone) #19

32 B isk ready.

(Tremolo Taak) #20

32b is too low. 38b I can accept.