*SOLD* WTS 49m SP - NYX Supercap - CAP Ships/Carrier/JDC/JFC V - LVL5 mission capable

NYX Supercarrier char (missing light fighters and support fighters though)
Minmatar and Gallente LVL5 mission runner

  • Sec status -0.4 (can travel anywhere)
    No assets
    Located in high security (Jita)
    Positive wallet
    Created in 2007
    2 x remaps
  • Can use all Gallente and Minmatar agents, including LVL5’s

I will pay the transfer fee.

Starting bid =37b
Buyout = 39b

Startbid lowered to 50b.

I’ll let this auction run for a few days, to check interest. If no bids, it’ll be re-purposed or extracted.

Buy me :slight_smile:

Character has been extracted a bit. Now on 49m SP. Still perfect NYX skills.

Price lowered to reflect.

Make me an offer.

Lowered start bid. Open for offers above extractor price.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but extract value is currently about 30 billion. I would be willing to offer 31 bil.

Nyx pilot without light\support fighters but with all drones lvl 5? sounds terrible…

Thanks, I totally missed those and focused on the Heavy Fighters V :frowning: Thanks for pointing it out.

Extract value is 31b as of right now. then there’'s a 5.5m SP char left. I would value that at 4.5b. Then theres the 3.3b for the transfer of the character.

31b + 4.5b + 3.3b = 38.8b is what this char is worth in raw ISK. I would part with it for 39 bill right now.

Actually, I was being generous. Minimal-labor extract value in Jita right now is 29.5 billion. Our gap is in each of us wanting to come away whole. Hopefully, that all becomes moot as a result of you finding a motivated buyer :wink:

Extracting this would be a shame, since it needs so little work to be the “perfect nyx” char.

Edited topic to reflect the missing skills.

Buy out 39b

39b b/o oak rdy

Deal, send ISK and char name pls and I’ll start the transfer.

Stil up for grabs.

38b isk is ready

Deal, send ISK and account name pls.


Hi bro. im so sorry about the trading.i didn’t see the SP with light/support drones.im looking for a fighting character.sorry dude .love u

32 B isk ready.

32b is too low. 38b I can accept.