【WTB】 NYX character with 40M SP

Want buy an NYX carrier with good capital ship skills.Please show me the character link.

i have one about 50m
1.the nyx skin police
2.high ask and high slave
3.jdc, g carrier, heavy fight , V
4.also can drive tengu, and aim to drive blackops now(need a c battle V)


how much?

I have one, shes knocking on for 50m so… I’m asking £50 for her, shes my main and I’m not going to be returning to eve…

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only by isk

I think 50b

How do u think

How about 45 billion and the characters in jita.

42m+two high clone+nyx police+many other skins
It worth 48b

48B if the characters and high clone in Jita.

looking at selling mine. corp roles have been removed and just waiting on timer


49M SP.I may not have enough isk.

sure,if you can confirm , i will move the clone to the two station in jita 4

and in 24 hours

OK, I want to buy this character with 48B.

How can I give you an isk?

How much are you looking to spend?

Are you Laestreble?

I’m going to pay 48b for a character from laestreble.