WTB Nyx Pilots + Apostle alts

Wanting to buy upto 4 Nyx capable pilots. I’d prefer only Nyx Focused built characters. Male characters only please.

Buying Apostle alts too!

Feel free to post characters here or send mail/chat in game with name and info.

All CCP rules apply.

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Well it inst a male character, however this is an excellent Nyx character. The character has a full high-grade and mid-grade slave set, +5 training clone set, and 2 bonus remaps. I have already posted a thread for the character sale current high bid is 38 billion ISK buy out is set a 46 billion ISK. Feel free to make an offer if you are interested.

I did look at the character, I contemplated it, but it’s not a cute/adorable looking female so I’ll have to pass. Thanks anyways!

ok, they do have re-sculpts to make characters look however you want and they are fairly inexpensive. Let me know if you change your mind.

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Also buying Apostle characters.

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