ISO Nyx Holding toon

Just looking to park it on a toon. Post what you have! thanks!

mail sent

Mail responded too. price?

Just needs enough SP to sit there!


You just need to be able to fly the nyx?

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Yes! just needs to sit in the seat.

I have a chimera Pilot that can fly a wyvern but I can inject gallente Carrier how much is your price point? I got 14 mil SP so you can extract some and keep the stuff u want. Also got like 3 bil assets you can sell cuz I’m too lazy

You should contract them to an alt, i have no need for them. :stuck_out_tongue:
For a toon that is mostly there, i can offer 8b? (no additional asssets that you mentioned)

I can extract everything except the bare basics to fly a nyx sell assets and sell the character for 10 bil if u want

Alright you got a deal. Post skills if you don’t mind for me to verify.

Please send isk to Chamile Odunen I will sell my carrier and save you the random assets strewn around lol then buy extractors make my character down to the basics to be in a nyx then send all isk and stuf I want to keep to my alt Chamile Odunenn and then send you an evemail from Chamile Odunenn (yes two n) and you evemail me the account. Deal?

And I did some math is it ok if I sell for 12 bil I didn’t know I needed 1000 plex

Sir I’m ready to start the trade, can you send isk? I’ll get everything set up

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