WTS 8.9mil sp future Nyx Toon

First off I have a great name!

Started training this toon to be Nyx superstar and bought all the skillbooks to get him there.


8.75mil sp
150K unallocated
Clean corp history
Great name without any numbers or letters added on.
Positive wallet
No kill rights/Jump Clones/Any Augmentations of mention
Located in Hi-Sec in a popular trading system
No wasted skills ( Good armor, support and cybernetics 5)
I’ve focused him purely on getting in to a Nyx

Will let this run till Saturday downtime or until an acceptable offer is received

Still available and daily bump

Ill start this off with 7 bil

7bil was what I was looking for.

7.25 Bil

Kareb has b/o

Hey I just noticed this as I thought this will go till saturday. I can organize the funds now

OK sounds good :+1:

money transferred

Isk Received and Character transfer initiated

How the character transfers work? Who is going go pay $20 transfer price? I want to sell my character too but I don’t know the way

Seller always pays the $20. Transfer via account management tool and to the account name the buyer gives you.

There is a whole thread with the rules at the top of the bazaar if you get stuck.

Thank you so much.

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