WTS 4.6m SP future Nyx toon

First off I have a great name!

Started training this toon to be Nyx superstar and bought all the skillbooks to get him there. I quickly lost interest and now need the space.


Clean corp history
Great name with out any numbers and mid fleet if you find yourself in a fight. Hopefully saves you from getting agro’d first! :slight_smile:
Positive wallet
No kill rights/Jump Clones/Any Augmentations of mention
Located in Hi-Sec in a popular trading system
No wasted skills

125 days until he’s a competent Thanny Pilot and around 300 days to be a competent Nyx pilot
I’ve focused him purely on getting in to a Nyx so no other skills of note

I’ve spent about 1.5bil on skillbooks and starting bid will be 5.5bil

Will let this run till Saturday downtime or until an acceptable offer is received

Have had a change of heart and will continue to train. Please close this thread.

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