{SOLD]WTS 5.3mil SP Planet Manager

Skills - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ortri

Skill Points - 5 306 015 (799 719 FREE SP)

  • All CCP rules - OK
  • Positive wallet - YES
  • Located in High sec - YES
  • Positive Security Status - YES


  • Start - 3.5 Bil
  • Buy Out - 4.5 Bil (Trade accepted)

Daily bump

Daily bump

Still needs alot of work so 2B is my offer

3.5B - Let’s start.

Accepted, waiting for ISK and account name via ingame mail.

Isk, and account info sent.

SUPPORT REQUEST #1023609 for character transfer created.

Char not received yet, any problem with transfer?

Char received, deal closed.

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